With every Healing Session I do

My aim is to share/guide and enlighten people by going to the core of the issues within the client.  Working with their own Energy system and Sharing mine on a conscious level, we begin to heal within the clients own energy system and transforming what needs to be for the client…. Not saving or helping/ rescuing but by healing/talking on a Sub Conscious level with each client and showing them how to do this themselves.

Awakening them to their full potential by sharing Knowledge and Energy to clear whatever is going on within the client. This is done on an Energetic level where the info will filter out into the clients everyday life.. Many changes and growth will come from this process as the client awakens within and uses the knowledge and energy for themselves on themselves.

Each session is perfectly suited to the individual client. No matter how awakened or what level the client may perceive themselves at, the energy we share and the knowledge shared will help them heal and grow themselves..

As you evolve and heal the energy changes and goes deeper within, awakening you even more. You the client will know when and if you need more. Teaching and sharing on an unconscious level really is a profound way of healing and awakening as the mind cannot reject what is being Shared.

Conscious growth and healing is very important as well. This is why with Face to Face sessions simple processes are shared to help you do this yourself as well as sub conscious work during the session.

All sessions I share what I see and have helped you do to heal (Via Email). I say helped as this is a joint effort between both the client and myself for the energy doing the healing is from both of us coming from the One Soul.

With the Help from the Divine Source guiding the energy to the Perfect place for you to Heal on all Levels. Your Psychical, Emotional, Mental, Astral, Casual and Soul levels of your energetic System will benefit so much from the Clearing, Re-Energizing and Re-Aligning that will come from this.

Toxins and excess Energy blockages in you will be removed and you will feel lighter and brighter afterwards. As your entire system is worked on the effect will be Positive and uplifting. Everything we do will be for Your Highest Benefit.

What an Amazing way to feel more powerful and clearer. Having a Spiritual Healing that combines Pure Divine Source energy with Light Language allowing you to be more positive and stepping into your Purpose with clear intent.

As all of these healings are activating you on many levels, your experience is sure to be Very beneficial and uplifting, maybe even profound. Whole New Healing Energies are coming to us all, you are going to be stepping forward with such an amazing feeling of confidence.

Start living how you were meant to, flowing gently down the stream, not against the current. A Spiritual Healing is a way for you to get going. Spiritual Healings do more than just fix the body. It opens you up in a way that you could never off thought Possible.

Restrictions are removed, Thought patterns are changed, Energetic removal of Blockages, Deep Core Energy recharging, Meridian clearing, Chakra Balancing, Aura cleansing, Cord Cutting, Removal of Negative Energies, Energetic Hooks Removed, Energetic Implants Removed and Soul work are all part of what we can do for you.

Helping you becoming a Lighter Body of energy.

The Possibilities are Endless.

Many clients after a few sessions have grown so much; they could not believe where they were before and how far they come in such a short time. With all the Healing and growth that you have had over the last 12 months this is a Perfect way to step up this Process.

Physical Conditions it May Help – Spiritual healing can help anything it is only limited by you.

If you believe you will receive.

This applies to everything in life but is especially true for healing.  Some examples of Physical conditions I have already helped are:

Pain Relief                    Back and Neck Aches      Broken Bones

Tension / Stress            Muscle Injuries                Fatigue

Chronic Injuries              Acute Injuries

What you may experience.

During a session you are completely clothed, eyes closed, lying on a massage table.  Usually I do not touch you but have my hands placed in your auric field anywhere from 2 inches to 2 feet away from your body.  The average session lasts about 1 hour.

Experiences are ever changing, varied and individual.  Though there are a number of common experiences, such as:  Warmth or cold,  tingling, pulsating, seeing colours, smells, feeling touched, pain easing or it may temporarily increase but will decrease, sensing others in the room, calmness.

Some people also experience involuntary body movements.  These could be as small as your fingers twitching or as major as performing full yoga positions.  You are fully aware of what is going on and can stop the movements at any time, however for maximum benefit it is best to allow your body to do what it requires.  These movements will only occur if your Higher Self feels you are ready for them.  At first your instincts may be to fight the movement but it is best to allow yourself to relax and go with it.  These movements will start off slowly with finger or toe twitching and gradually progress.

Spiritual Healing
Dont Wear Tight Clothing
What to wear

Wear comfortable loose clothing, preferably jeans or pants as you may have body movements and you want to be comfortable and your modesty protected.