Enchanted Healing Services

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Join me and our Spirit and Soul Experts to help you Live a More Aware Life daily

Snippets written by Ivan can answer some of your questions.

I couldn’t highly recommend Ivan any more than by saying that he is purely amazing

Sessions can be conducted either in Kilcoy, Brisbane or in the comfort of your own home or Via Phone/Email or Skype.

Ivan is happy to come to your home or chosen location. (this may incur a fee for travel costs depending on location).


Ivans psychic abilities include Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Mediumship and Psychometry.
Reiki Master
Past Life Regressionist
Spiritual Healer and Psychic/Medium
Professional Psychic readings

Core Services

  • Spiritual Healing

    $90 Session 1 hour session (including discussion of healing afterwards)
    $50 1/2 hour Session (Only at Healing Room)

    Spiritual Healing is Ivan’s favourite service that he offers as each session continues to amaze and surprise him in the ways the universe is able to assist each person in a uniquely tailored way. He makes the connection between yourself and source and then allows the universe to work its magic. Please note these sessions can become quite intense so please allow yourself a little extra time for you to be fully back in the present before you drive home.

  • Reiki

    $90 1hr Session
    $50 1/2 hr Session (Only at Healing Room)

    We recommend a Reiki session when you would like to experience a softer more relaxing healing.

    Multiple sessions may be needed depending on your condition. A one hour session is the longest time I would recommend to achieve maximum benefit for each session. It is then best to come back another day if required. The choice is yours.

  • Psychic Reading

    $90 1hr Session
    $50 1/2 hr Session (Only at healing Room)

    During your reading feel free to ask any questions you would like guidance on. Or just allow whatever messages come through.

    Email, Phone, Skype Readings or Distant Healing
    $90 per session (No Half Hour Sessions Available for these).

    Readings can also be done via Email, Phone or Skype.

    Distance does not affect the connection to the etheric realm, therefore remote healing can be just as effective.
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    Combination Reading & Healing

    $120 session time approx 90 mins

    Can’t decide which you would like? Why not choose our combo package and have both.

  • Past Life Regressions

    $120 per session time approx 1 1/2 hr

    Past life regression takes you into a past life where you see or feel the experience. Dealing with these experiences can help you move forward in this life.

    This Session is recorded for you and sent to you Via email.

  • All Activations

    $60 per session
    Expanding you and raising your energy system to new levels. This deepens your connection to your soul once again. This works on your Soul, DNA and Cellular levels.

    You will receive your crystal grid image, a recording of the session which include light language and any information that comes through for you all this will be emailed through to you. This will depend on the activation you receive.