Hi, Are you looking for Guidance in your life? Do you have some Psychic questions you need answered? All my Readings come from my heart and are pure and not interpreted by me, just channeled to you from my soul to your soul.

Everything I receive is for your highest benefit and for your growth. I pass on what you need to know to grow and transform your life, with helpful tips as well to guide you there.

Each reading there is a Healing during the process as our souls communicate to each other. We can cover all parts of your life or just specific ones; the choice is up to you although I do let the Messages flow before I cover everyday issues unless your soul feels it is more important to hear them first…

Your Soul may want to speak to you directly, loved ones may come thru or even your guides introduce themselves to you…

Each session is something to experience and everyone is different…

I would love to Help You grow as a Person, whether it be by Insights in your life or helping you with your energy to move in the direction you want to go and remove what no longer serves you…

I am a regular Core Spirit expert on Soul TV

Phone/Skype/Email Readings Available. A small fee for petrol if I come to you.

Feel free to contact me (Ivan) or text me on 0429 038 563 to book a session that will change your life.

If you feel Guided visit my Services page to see what else I offer.

Readings can include topics such as:

Information to help you Grow, Awaken and what Spirit feels you need to Hear.

  • Career
  • Relationships
  • Messages from passed love ones
  • Family issues
  • Finances
  • Business direction
  • Health
  • Future happenings
  • Past, Present and Future
  • Spirit Guides
  • Passed over loved ones

Or you may have a specific question you need guidance on.

ClairsWhat is a Psychic?

A Psychic is a person who has the ability to communicate, in a variety of ways, with the Spirit World. When we come into this earthly world as babies we all possess these abilities, but as we grow and are gradually re-programmed with other people’s beliefs, slowly these gifts disappear and by the age of 12 most of us have forgotten that we possess these amazing abilities. A psychic is an individual that has never forgotten, or has re-discovered their sixth sensory abilities and is able to connect with the spirit realm to give readings of past present and future to others. There is a number of ways in which a psychic will communicate with the spirit world, they are as follows:

ClairvoyanceClairvoyance (Clear Seeing)

A Clairvoyant possesses the psychic ability to see clearly into the future by reading the aura of a living person. They have the ability to see into the spiritual dimension, allowing them to connect and receive messages from spirit beings. This usually means that they see the spirit communicating in their minds eye although some Clairvoyants can see Spirits with their physical eyes, as if there is another person in the same room as themselves. In a clairvoyant reading, the Clairvoyant will describe what they are seeing to whoever is having the reading, it is often animals and sometimes objects that will be given to the Clairvoyant to be interpreted symbolically, this is why when having a reading, the client needs to work with the clairvoyant to understand what the spirit is trying to communicate to them.

ClairaudientClairaudient(Clear Hearing)

A clairaudient is an individual that has the ability to perceive sounds, words or music from the spiritual realm. Being clairaudient is a form of channeling messages from the spirit world into our dimension. With this form of Mediumship the person hears the spirit communicating with them. This can be voices in the Mediums head or thoughts running through the mind. Sometimes a Medium will actually hear someone talking to them with their physical ears.

ClairsentienceClairsentience(Clear Feeling)

This is the inner sense of ‘knowing’. It is probably the most familiar psychic strength and enables us to feel the energy of others. It is often described as a gut feeling. Most people who are Clairsentient are quite sensitive, receiving other people’s emotions which can then have a negative or positive effect on their own life. Clairsentients feel the need to touch things including other people. The intuitive response of clairsentience can inform us when someone is untrustworthy, even though they may appear to be fine on the outside. Young children are still in tune with this natural ability so have the knack of knowing who to and not to trust.

Clairsentients often feel as if they are being touched or they may witness cold or slight breezes wafting past them. Sometimes they can have the feeling of cobwebs on their face or can smell fragrances associated with the spirits time on earth.
A clairsentient can read “auras” of people and objects to discover their personal histories, they feel or just know things about a person or situation. A clairsentient can sense the presence of spirits and discover events surrounding that individual’s death.

Ivan is a professional psychic medium who will give you accurate and genuine guidance with readings on all aspects of your life.
His psychic abilities include Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Mediumship and Psychometry. Ivan is a member of the Australian Psychic Association and Reiki Australia.

Ivan has the ability to feel and experience things from the clients’ perspective and his intuitive skills enhance the process. Throughout each reading it is in the hands of the spirit world which abilities are used. Sometimes it is one or two sometimes it is all of them; it depends on what spirit feels each individual needs at the time.

All Face to Face Readings are recorded for you on to a CD or emailed to you after the session.

I’d love to help you.