Do past lives fascinate you?

Past life regression takes you into a past life where you see or feel the experience, some people say that they really feel they are there, it unlocks doors in your mind that opens other worlds thru your eyes, worlds that were yours in another time. This gentle meditative state allows you to steer your way on a fascinating trip into another life.

You are guided thru it with words that do not tell you what you are seeing or feeling but more to ask you what you see or feel, in a life before this incarnation. The very act of going back into the past starts with a process of relaxing and letting go of your present life. It finishes with words from your guides about lessons that you were there to learn and a Message they would like to pass on to you, then a gentle healing by your guides.

Do you believe you learn something from your past life? What words of wisdom would you want to bring back with you? Who you are now, is strongly influenced by who you were before. Your very character is created from all of these past life experiences.

If you are interested in having a Past Life Regression, I use the Lives between Lives method developed by Dr. Brian Weiss.