Manifesting, Creating with Awareness Monthly session.

We all know we can manifest what we would like in our lives, and that creating our dreams can be an amazing experience. I am now going to offer assistance with these on an energetic level to help you achieve these with greater ease. Visions boards are great, but as you know with so many things being chased you are doing that exactly… “Chasing, not creating”.. and what you want today will change next week, so we will be focusing on one only at a time, so the energy is intensified and focused. This is where the Awareness comes into it.

The Manifesting, Creating with Awareness session will be on the 14th of August at 8.30pm, this will give you plenty of time to Feel into what you would like to co-create.  The process is done via distance, energetically & will be gentle, steady and always for your highest good.

The Manifesting, Creating with Awareness monthly sessions will be an amazing opportunity to co-create and brings your dreams closer. There are no limitations with what we will be able to co-create. This will be a very affordable session, only $20 where I will send a photo of a manifestation grid, guided audio and I’ll support you energetically at the time of the session.

The audio that I will send to you via email in a mp3 format for you to listen to at the time of the session can be used as many times as you like throughout the month till the next event where a new audio will be sent out to you. Each time the audio will be different as to put new energy to the Manifestation.

I will connect with you energetically and help you manifest what you would love. I would advise you to start small and build up to the big things but that is your choice, The bigger they are the more self-doubt can come into it, so as you experience Creating your Dreams or Wishes you can gain confidence as you go knowing you are supported along the way.

This is an Aware process for you will be consciously creating not just hoping for it to happen, that is why it is called Manifesting and Creating with Awareness.  This is something I have been doing now for a few years and most things come within a month or two. Bigger they are the longer they have taken as the focus on it has to be a little more stronger as we get distracted and want something else in the meantime but they always come.

With this Manifesting and creating session the energy going towards it is intensified therefore allowing it to be created easier, as the saying goes “Many hands make light work.” So together we can manifest and create what you have been seeking from an aware space not just putting it out there and hoping it will work.

To Book your place in this amazing manifestation experience reply to Using the Manifestaion and creation as subject and I will send out bank details and further information.