innerenergyI have been shown a new way of activating people called Inner Growth Activation, where we work on the Soul and Cellular level, using Light Language, Symbols, crystal grids plus new energies coming through to raise your vibration as high as it can go at this point in time.

Inner Growth Activation sessions upgrade your entire system to become a Lighter body of energy.  Freeing you up from energetic blockages, mind blockages and old holding patterns.  Allowing you to step into your higher purpose with greater ease.  This can be done in person or via distance.

I am offering you the chance to do the same with your own energetic system.  We will be working on your DNA and Cellular levels within your system. Expanding you and raising your energy system to new levels.  Deepening your connection to your Soul once again.

With the help from my Guides and energy from Pure Source everything is done for your Highest and greatest benefit.  My Intention is to raise you up using the Symbols, Light Language and a Crystal Grid.  During the process it is highly likely you will feel the energy course through you.

Some will feel this instantly, others it will slowly integrate into their system; either way it will be a powerful way to move towards your Life Purpose and to a way of life that will be amazing. These Upgrades will also be a Healing of your entire body, changing you from within and then outwards to the surface of your body…

It will filter out into your own personal life and working life.  Bringing you into alignment with your life Purpose.  After the initial Activation the energy may lay dormant in you for a while until certain people you meet will activate it in you again, when the time is right for your system to move and rise again.

Everything is recorded and the grid is photographed for you to use whenever you feel like it, any symbols that I am shown will be drawn and any notes I take will be sent to you via email, along with the recording of the Session.  I feel the experience will amaze you on how this will transform your energy system to the next frequency that you can handle with ease and grace.

If this resonates with you, let me know..

Love n Light Ivan Beazleigh

When we start to see ourselves as we truly are, we can then begin to peel back the layers of self-doubt and all the old patterns that deny us the power to be whole and complete. The shields we wear will fall away and reveal a part of you that has been hidden for so long no-one will recognize you.

The changes will be so life fulfilling that you will never want to be the old you again. This is all possible; it only takes a step in the direction you have been afraid to go…….Go Within…..

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