All of these Activations and Upgrades I highly recommend. I have been through all of these over the time in my growth and each one was shown to me as I changed my energy system and integrated more Light Body and Soul energy.

You will find as you go through each one yourself, the changes in you will be highly felt and your friends will notice the changes to.. Your Energy system will be Open and stronger, feeling lighter and easily integrate more energy into your system. You will find that the celestial events will not affect you as much as you will be balanced and more connected.

The feelings will be the same but the affects will be less. You will actually find yourself more aware of them happening and for me I now notice them before I hear about them a few days earlier, which I really love feeling. More Awareness about yourself and everything around will come from these Upgrades.

You can do any one first but I do suggest to start at the first one and work your way through as the body will integrate them more easily with a steady growth rather than being Activated on a more advanced one.. Your body will take longer to adjust to the energy and you may feel overwhelmed.
I really look forward to connecting with you as you grow with each one.

Every session is done via distance so the conscious mind does not get in the way and I can talk with your Soul more easily. It also allows the person to go about their normal life whether that be work or play. Any Info I receive, messages from your soul or crystal grids I make will be sent to you via email.

Light Language – $50

I am offering a Special Light Language Transmission Activation for $50.

This new Vibrational energy combined with the potent energy of the Light Language will raise your energy, allowing for more of the Vibrational energy to be absorbed in to your Energy system. It will really expand and open you on a deeper level bringing you into more alignment with your higher self.

Some of the language will sound very familiar to you, yet you may have never heard it before.

This is a Distance Activation on the Energetic Level with My guides from the Celestial realms coming through and helping with the activation.

All Transmissions will be recorded and emailed to you so you can hear them any time you want.

If this resonates with you please Pm to book in for this amazing opportunity.
This Amazing Energetic transformation is only $50.

A few weeks ago I got hold of Ivan for the light language transmission activation – I had never heard of it so I was very intrigued, when I received it I was very open minded, I sat down and played it for the very first time – at the start I heard some beautiful chimes – and I kid you not, but the sound of the chimes were the exact same sound of my mother’s wind chimes that she has hanging outside my childhood bedroom since I was young, I instantly smiled closed my eyes and enjoyed the familiar homely sound – it then drifted into a language that sounded to me tribal, it didn’t feel unusual or odd It in fact it felt comforting, I enjoyed listening to all the sounds for the very first time and at the end I did feel the tingles and felt very light – I then played it again, this time with the familiarity I was really able to relax more and at the end of the second hearing I felt a lot more tingles and tingles in my arms. I have now played it a few times, mostly in the morning before my day gets hectic with the kids, it’s something that I like to keep close to me so I do play it when I’m on my own, it sends me to place that I feel safe, I can let go, listen to it, let it comfort me & then start my day. I’m so happy I took the step forward and got hold of Ivan for the service – it really is something so special & I can now hear it whenever I want or need – thank you Ivan so much – Kylie Flury, Switzeralnd

I feel like I have grown heaps ever since I listened to the Light Language. Thank you so very much Ivan and your Guides.

Kristy x


To my dear friend Ivan, I wish to express my gratitude for the beautiful Light Activation session I had with you recently. You’ve opened up my universe to something so much bigger than I and my words cannot express how truly eternally grateful I am. You’re humble, genuine and approachable personality beams through and makes one feel very comfortable on ones decision and journey. You are truly an amazing soul and very gifted to channel what you do. I look forward to many more sessions with you bless you


Inner Growth Sessions – $50

An Inner Growth Activation we work on the Soul and Cellular level, using Light Language, Symbols, crystal grids plus new energies coming through to raise your vibration as high as it can go at this point in time.

Inner Growth Activation sessions upgrade your entire system to become a Lighter body of energy.
Freeing you up from energetic blockages, mind blockages and old holding patterns.

Allowing you to step into your higher purpose with greater ease.
This can be done in person or via distance.

I am offering you the chance to do the same with your own energetic system.
We will be working on your DNA and Cellular levels within your system. Expanding you and raising your energy system to new levels.
Deepening your connection to your Soul once again.

With the help from my Guides and energy from Pure Source everything is done for your Highest and greatest benefit.
My Intention is to raise you up using the Symbols, Light Language and a Crystal Grid.

During the process it is highly likely you will feel the energy course through you.

Some will feel this instantly, others it will slowly integrate into their system; either way it will be a powerful way to move towards your Life Purpose and to a way of life that will be amazing. These Upgrades will also be a Healing of your entire body, changing you from within and then outwards to the surface of your body…

It will filter out into your own personal life and working life.
Bringing you into alignment with your life Purpose. After the initial Activation the energy may lay dormant in you for a while until certain people you meet will activate it in you again, when the time is right for your system to move and rise again.

Everything is recorded and the grid is photographed for you to use whenever you feel like it, any symbols that I am shown will be drawn and any notes I take will be sent to you via email, along with the recording of the Session.

I feel the experience will amaze you on how this will transform your energy system to the next frequency that you can handle with ease and grace

If this resonates with you, let me know…

Amazing amazing amazing. I listened to the recording and I saw the lotus flower again. I have one tattooed on my back I love them so much. It gets more and more yellow the more I see it. Your voice resonates straight through me and I felt the same sensations that I did at 2.20 on Friday, a really light happy joyful feeling that took my breath away.


To anyone who is starting their journey to Enlightenment!!!! I have just had the most loveliest experience and it’s all thanks to Ivan Beazleigh and his AMAZING ENERGY LANGUAGE (Inner Growth Activation)….from the moment it started, I was tingling from head to toe and I could feeling shaking all over my body and my heart was pounding, my pulse was racing and I could feel it actually working straight away… it gave me goose bumps and my third eye was buzzing and my crown charka felt open and was receiving information from this service it was truly AWESOME!!!! I would definitely HIGHLY RECOMMEND this service to everyone, for people who would like to raise their vibrations much higher. The amount of activity I’m experiencing has tripled overnight and it’s all because of this amazing opportunity being offered by Ivan!!!! God bless you Ivan and thank you so much for this wonderful amazing moment in my life!!!

Many blessings Renee Jamieson

Soul Healing and Reconnection Sessions – $50

With all the amazing energy being absorbed into our energetic bodies you may have been feeling unbalanced and not grounded. Embedding new codes and symbols I have been shown to really enhance this process taking you to a whole new level of awareness and upgrading your Light Body.
I am offering to do a Soul Healing and Reconnection session with you via distance at an amazing price of $50 (normally $100), these Soul Healing and Reconnection sessions will lighten, balance and clear your energy system and allow more of your soul to come into your body and be intragrated in a harmonious way. These sessions are done via distance and very transformational ♥
Bringing more Light into your Light body creating a Soul Being of greater energy and Light. Enhancing your Light body to really help you step into your life purpose with more confidence.
This will allow Past Soul energies and abilities to be intragrated in to you more easily if you decide to take that step as well and have a Past Life empowerment session.

Wow, the energy I felt was amazing. I was not sure how this would change my life, but I am feeling so uplifted since I had this done. I thought that I was really progressed but I found after this session with Ivan I have gone to a whole new level and the connections I have and the way I feel is simple wonderful.. Thank you so much Ivan


Energy Point Light Body Activations – $50

A crystal grid and Light body activation points turned on and activated with you as they are cleared, very profound and powerful way of uplifting your energy and fast tracking your growth. This will surely accelerate your growth and lighten your whole body allowing even more of your Light Body and Soul energy into your System. A complete overhaul of your energy and opening and releasing energy from all your Power points on your body.

This Process is a Simple Meditation and linked to a Crystal grid I was shown over a few weeks…

I have been receiving treatment from Ivan for about 4 years now and I have come forward in leaps and bounds. I’ve always appreciated the honesty he passes to me and have always seen this as an opportunity for progress. The light body activation is incredible; I have never experienced such energy and a blissful feeling of joy. I cleaned my house from top to bottom after and that’s saying something as my energy levels are usually very low. I love them and will be going back for more. I went to school with Ivan and feel very privileged to see his progression as a healer with so many amazing gifts and such a beautiful person. He is the real deal. Luv ya Ivan x


5th Dimensional Light Body Activation- $50

The light body activation, 12 new symbols

With this Activation 12 Symbols will be placed in your energy field, they can be removed anytime the client feels like it as it is there to allow the new energy to be integrated more easily than normal. A lot of the time our body gets over loaded by the energy and we seem to float around for a while till we feel more balanced, this Activation makes it happen very quickly and the energy upgrade you will feel from this is simply remarkable.. It changes the set program you have been running on since you were a little child (The program is one that is passed down from our parents through actions and words… from their learnings…) it helps unlearn and allow a lot more new information to be stored…

The light body activation, 12 new symbols…I thought sure I’m connected this will be a breeze…then once the activation happened I had 3 major events happen that really made me stop and think just how unconnected I really was. I’m so grateful that I have had the upgrade of connection as now I am finding a whole new me. Visiting spirits, the buzz I feel and gardening… The energy that says come on get moving is such a great feeling. Thanks Ivan xx

Kristy-Leigh Hitchen

Awareness Sessions – $50

This Session is a very deep opening of the awareness, separating the consciousness from the subconscious, to see through that veil. Bringing more awareness into the body from the ethereal. Then weaving the person back together.

This is all done via distant, I talk on a deep level to the person. Not healing or rescuing just teaching in a whole new way. I communicate while I work with your soul on another level/plane, and show the subconscious what to do, so it is guided as well as an energy healing and awakening session.

Thank you Ivan. That was magical!

I certainly felt the energy around 1:10. It felt so nice. I could feel waves of energy through my body, at one stage it felt like I was shaking so I raised my left hand and it simply flopped. I tried again to flatten my hand but it seemed like I didn’t have enough strength to do that so I gave in. Even though I felt the waves and tingles I laid my head in my palms and closed my eyes at my work desk. ……I continued feeling safe and relaxed knowing that work is being done on me and excited and open to anything. At about 3:30 my colleagues came over to talk to me – interestingly enough all wanted to tell me their concerns and I listened.

Walking outside in the sun in the last 10 minutes I felt lighter and more radiant. I have brown hair but it felt like my hair was gold shining in the sun.

I am open to receiving love which is the core of my being.

Thank you again. I am grateful.
Antonella x

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