HEAD SHOT FROM HOUR OF POWER PIC 2Hi, my name is Ivan Beazleigh, I am a qualified Reiki Master, Past Life Regressionist, Spiritual Healer and Psychic/Medium and I have been doing Healings since 2005 and Professional Psychic readings since 2009. I have worked on Thousands of people with a wide range of conditions from Physical to Emotional to Spiritual. Each person has been unique and I have seen some amazing results.

My psychic abilities include Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Mediumship and Psychometry. I am a member of the Australian Psychic Association and Reiki Australia.

My ability enables me to feel and experience things from the clients’ perspective and my intuitive skills enhance the process. Throughout each Healing/Reading it is in the hands of the spirit world which of my abilities are used. Sometimes one or two sometimes all of them, it depends on what spirit feels each individual needs at the time.

In 2013 I became a Qualified Past Life Regressionist, learning the Dr.Brian Weiss Life between Life way of accessing Past Lives.
I am continually upgrading my Skills so I can pass on these to each of my clients during our sessions together and help them Grow and become more aware of their own Energy Systems.

I have appeared on Soul Tv, Reflect radio, A1radio, Soul Academytv and Yoursource.tv


I discovered my gifts later in life as I was unaware I had this ability until I had a reading from a friends Psychic mum. She told me that I have a gift and not to waste it at first I thought she must have been mistaken. She recommended I start working on plants.

So I conducted a little experiment, I got two identical plants and placed them in the same seedling container. I looked after them exactly the same with water and sunlight except one I would run energy into it twice a day whilst the other I didn’t. Within weeks one had grown into a strong healthy large plant, whilst the other was deteriorating. From this little experiment I realised that maybe she was correct.  I began working on people I knew and each could feel the warmth and tingling.

A few months later I had a aura reading done and the first thing the reader said to me was “so you’re a healer are you?” “You are going through a transformation”. At this stage I also went to another physic healer who also noted that I had healing abilities.
As I believe in synchronicities (and not just coincidences) and three separate people had told me I was a healer, I decided not to try to fight it but to embrace my calling.

Since then I have worked on hundreds of people with a variety of conditions with great success. And I am continually amazed by what this Healing Energy can do.

I became a Reiki/Seichem Master in November of 2009 as a continual development of my gift. My Reiki teacher asked me why I am not doing reading as well. If I was giving this gift by Spirit why would they not give me all the gifts for me to use to help people with,  so with that in mind I started to do Readings for people as I was already getting messages while I worked on them. I did a psychometry workshop and found that I was a natural at this.

I have worked at the Woodford Folk Festival, Psychic Fairs Healing Days and Spiritual Churches.

I’d love to help you.