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My Services include Psychic Readings, Healings, Past life regressions, Reiki, Distant healing & readings, Activation’s and Manifestation creation sessions.
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About Ivan

Ivan Beazleigh, is a qualified Reiki Master, Past Life Regressionist, Spiritual Healer and Psychic/Medium and he has been doing Healings since 2005 and Professional Psychic readings since 2009. He has worked on Thousands of people with a wide range of conditions from Physical to Emotional to Spiritual. Each person has been unique and he has seen some amazing results.

His psychic abilities include Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Mediumship and Psychometry. He is a member of the Australian Psychic Association and Reiki Australia.

His ability enables him to feel and experience things from the clients’ perspective and my intuitive skills enhance the process. Throughout each Healing/Reading it is in the hands of the spirit world which of his abilities are used. Sometimes one or two sometimes all of them, it depends on what spirit feels each individual needs at the time.

In 2013 Ivan became a Qualified Past Life Regressionist, learning the Dr.Brian Weiss Life between Life way of accessing Past Lives.

He is continually upgrading his Skills so he can pass on these to each of his clients during their sessions together and help them Grow and become more aware of their own Energy Systems.

PsychicSpiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing is Ivan’s favourite service that he offers as each session continues to amaze and surprise him in the ways the universe is able to assist each person in a uniquely tailored way.

past lifePast Life Regressions

Past life regression takes you into a past life where you see or feel the experience. Dealing with these experiences can help you move forward in this life.


Expanding you and raising your energy system to new levels. This deepens your connection to your soul once again. This works on your Soul, DNA and Cellular levels.

Spiritual reading

Psychic Reading

During your reading feel free to ask any questions you would like guidance on. Or just allow whatever messages come through.

What others say about Enchanted Healings

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Ivan, Thank you so very much for everything you’ve done for me. You are the most beautiful soul and your healing abilities are simply amazing. You have a huge heart and you’ve always gone the extra mile to help me. I am not surprised at how you’ve been able to help my body release anger and fears that were causing physical pain to my back and knee. You’ve been one of my biggest supporters, and have helped me to grow as a person, spiritual being and as a healer. You have been an intricate and inspirational part of my ongoing development. I am blessed to have you guiding and helping me, often in my darker days. I’ve had a few healing sessions with you, and you’ve always made me feel loved, lighter, guided and I always leave a lot more at ease with life and my direction, and always filled with divine love. I have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone.

Much love to you xx Brightest blessings

Julie G

Thank you Ivan for your insight, guidance & the most amazing spiritual healing ability that you share so willingly for the benefit of oneself. Being able to recognize the paths available is an enormous comfort & permits a sense of calmness in finding a way forward. Your healing is just the most awesome  & truly humbling experience. You are a special person & touch all of us with your caring.” …..Very gratefully,


Today, I received a spiritual healing from Ivan Beazleigh. His professional and gentle healing session has restored my inner equilibrium and assisted me in identifying and breaking through spiritual barriers. I cannot thank him enough for his time, his practicality, his professionalism or his deep connection to spirit.



“I found your readings amazing, insightful and guiding in so many ways. I appreciate your gifts and I am so glad we have crossed paths. Your gifts have made me more accepting of my own. I always feel comforted with the readings you have done for me and you have answered many questions I have had for a very long time. As well as your readings I have also had a healing with you, which afterwards I felt lighter and more energised then I had in a long time. It was wonderful. Thank you for what you do Ivan.”